Have you ever been called clever?

If so, it probably felt really good. But what does cleverness actually mean?

While still searching for the perfect definition, it’s become clear that the clever mind is one that blends creativity, confidence, and cognitive awareness. It’s the ability to create mental connections between things that don’t normally fit together and to apply those connections to a specific problem. Cleverness isn’t an innate ability. It’s taught. But how do you learn to be clever?

Welcome to Thought

We believe there are too many companies talking about transforming education, and not enough actually doing it.

In the next five years, 5 billion people will have the world’s knowledge in their pocket. How will learning adapt to that new reality? Currently, we are taking the century-old classroom model and moving it online. But science is making it clear that the internet is changing how our minds operate and store information.

Thought is proposing a radical new way of learning for the future. We don’t need to be teaching students how to memorize and regurgitate information to pass exams. Instead, we need to focus on how to make people better problem solvers with the wealth of information they are given. We need to teach the next generation how to sort through massive amounts of data and how to upgrade their mental operating system to compete with machine learning. With each year, more and more problem-solving becomes obsolete as software advances. Why aren’t we updating our reasoning capabilities? We believe that while there are physiological limits to how much we can upgrade our mental toolkit, our understanding of thinking, memory and cognition will play a large role in what it will mean to be ‘intelligent’ in the next decade.

Our products are designed with the latest psychology and neuroscience, and yet we are only scratching the surface. Come with us for the ride and you’ll be better for it.